The Landed – ‘The Landed’ EP Review

Have you ever wanted to take a trip through indie-alternative-rock history, all from the comfort of your own seat and in a way that never feels dated? Good news! The Landed have just dropped their debut EP, and it’s just what you need!

Combining a grasp on the contemporary indie-alternative scene with a detailed understanding of everything that has come before, The Landed is everything you could hope for from a debut. Not only does it establish a very clearly defined sound for the band, but it also shows their desire to experiment within that sound and push the boundaries of what they’re able to do.

Opening with the folk-meets-hard rock ‘Stone Man’, the band use this opener to map out every musical avenue they will explore over the course of the EP. That said, it doesn’t begin as explosively as the rest of the EP proves to be. While it is a good track, it is by far the weakest on the EP. But it is a gateway drug to much more addictive sounds.

There’s the funk-pinched rock sound of ‘Snakes And Ladders’, channeling the Hendrix ‘All Along The Watchtower’ spirit into something modern and exciting. There’s ‘Things To Talk About’, sounding like Oasis if they had traded in guitars for ukuleles for ‘Whatever’. And then there’s the Pornosonic Beatles sound of ‘Amazing Suzie’, which is a funky rock track with a simple but effective hook. There is a lot to get addicted to here.

But while the EP emerged on slightly wobbly ground, it leaves in a far different and better place. ‘Fly’ is the closer, and it is the alt-rock pinnacle of the EP. It is an underground anthem, characterised by crystalline guitars that lure you into a false sense of indie security. But the band prove to have one last trick up their sleeve to catch you off guard – a switch to a more You Me At Six-esque alt-rock guitar tone in the song’s break. If there were any risk of your attention faltering beforehand, the band take it back immediately.

A stunning debut from start to finish, and one that will be on repeat until their next release is available.


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