Video: Alex Moir – ‘Havana’

Alex Moir’s new track ‘Havana’ is an explosive upbeat summer-time tune that everyone can enjoy, as its uplifting vocal hooks and constant bass groove are undeniably infectious. Throw in a wave of other instruments and you’re onto a winner from Moir with this one. It’s probably the soundtrack to summer 2014.

The video itself is subdued and let’s the music speak for itself. I mean, it’s just a video of Moir walking in greyscale slow-mo down the street with a camera focused on him. Set that to the sound of one of the most upbeat and exciting indie songs we’ve heard all summer, and you’ve got something that knows the best thing it can do is lay low and let the song dominate. It’s become unusual for music videos to not attempt to overshadow the music, so it’s a welcome approach from Moir.

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