The Piratones – ‘Stinted’ Review

Where have The Piratones been all my life? They’re a sweet seven-piece who make some even sweeter dub sounds, and ‘Stinted’ is their new free download.

‘Stinted’ is a slow swelling dub masterpiece with beautiful vocals and even more beautiful brass sections. Even though this track is sill being classed as a demo, its production value is fantastic and the beats are tight. The lead sections of brass shine through the mix, and we’ve also got some great vocal harmonies tied together throughout the track.

And though it begins slow, it does get faster and bring some energy. Towards the end of the song, everything reaches a climax as the drums suddenly come in more explosive than before and grab your attention again. Not to say you’ll be bored by that point, but there is a chance you might have chilled yourself into a dub daze. The drums pull you out, just in time for you to hit the replay button.

Let ‘Stinted’ be your vibes for today. It’s the best decision you will make.

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