Elephants And Castles – ‘Fashanu’ Review

Prepare yourself for a feel-good indie dance off – Elephants And Castles are about to release their debut single ‘Fashanu’, and it’s a bright and breezy sounding story of suicide. What else?

With lyrics addressing the life (and subsequent death) of Justin Fashanu, the UK’s first £Million black and openly gay professional footballer, we’re relieved from the pressures of morbidity with a cheery tune running underneath. You know, Indie 101 as established in the 80’s: a song can be as morbid and depressing as you want lyrically, as long as the guitars are jangly and joyful enough to carry it. And that’s ‘Fashanu’ in a nutshell.

With its constant guitar hook and stabby bass line, it’s a song that begs you to get moving and enjoy it. The masked morbidity aside, it’s a beautiful debut from Elephants And Castles. It’s a track that captures the sound we get from indie-dance bands that are at their peak. It’s like a blend between  Two Door Cinema Club and Little Comets: indie-rock at its purest, most contemporary and attractive.

So, click below to play the track and dance to the tune of death. Go on, we won’t judge you. We’re doing it too!


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