A Higher Demise – ‘It’s A Trap’ Review


A Higher Demise channel everything about what is generally perceived about metal and roll it into one. On one hand, the verses, we have some gut-wrenching vocals that are spat out with venom and ferocity. On the other, we have a melodic chorus hook that rises above the rest of the track. And together, the two work.

‘It’s A Trap’ features some intensely powerful guitar work and brutal drums, alongside the vocals that add even more weight to the mix. And that sums up most of the song: it’s a thunderous aural assault. Even the piano melody at the beginning sounds soaked in doom! But the chorus is the defining moment of this track. With it’s cleaner vocals and distinct melody, it becomes an anthemic beacon in the middle of the relentless sea of riffery.

Alongside striking resemblances with In Flames, we can also hear elements of Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice And Men in their sound. It’s a brutal metal track with a stand-out lighthouse of a chorus. What more do you need to know? Get listening!


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