Sonic Hearts Foundation – ‘Afterlife’ Review


Gliding in like a more chilled out version of The Enemy, Sonic Hearts Foundation are about to release their newest track ‘Afterlife’.

The song begins with an electronic bleep melody that opens into a universe of relaxing rung out notes, with a drawn out vocal line running through the middle. It’s nothing special at this point: just another atmospheric alt-rock song. But give it time, and the chorus will draw you in with its pounding drums and call-to-arms vocals. It sounds big, big enough to draw any listener in.

Fans of the shoegaze sound of the early 90’s (My Bloody Valentine in particular) will love this track, as the drawn out guitars have more in common with that than they do with the sound of recently spawned nu-gaze artists. It’s a nice vintage sound, but with enough of a contemporary edge to not sound immediately outdated. It’s still got a sense of excitement and tension in it – the whole track is like the soundtrack to an airplane taking off for the first time (in a good way, not a boring or “OH NO WE’RE GOING TO CRASH THIS IS THE WORST MOMENT OF MY LIFE” way).

The track is released as a free download on August 11.


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