Jekyll – ‘I Do What I Can’ Review

From the hit of the start button, ‘I Do What I Can’ comes straight in with muscular guitar riffs and a clear bass line. There’s no slow build, you’re just dropped straight into the song’s hook.

Combining heavy beats with reverb-coated guitars, this song is very alt-rock. It simultaneously channels the rock edge of early Biffy Clyro and the melodic melancholy of Meat Is Murder-era Smiths, making for a hugely enjoyable track. Alongside this, with have a vocal style that is oddly reminiscent of Joy Division. It’s a run through of indie-alternative greats, blended together in one four-minute burst.

It has the bones of almost all other indie-alternative songs you’ll find, ever. So why is it getting a feature here? Because of that chorus. What many new acts miss in songs like this is to pack a big chorus in that pushes the song beyond the realms of small dank venues. And that’s what ‘I Do What I Can’ does. The chorus is consistently explosive, and that’s what makes it worth listening to.

You can listen to the song here.



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