Alex Moir – ‘Like Ted Dexter’ Review

Feel-good indie doesn’t get more feel-good (or indie) than ‘Like Ted Dexter’, the latest single by Birmingham’s Alex Moir.

This song is the musical epitome of summer. It’s a clap along, dance along, sing along masterpiece that will be a summertime hit, no doubt about it. What Moir has done here is put together something magical that will be the envy of many musicians.

Combining breezy drums with laid-back acoustic guitars, simple but effective bass grooves and backwards guitar, Moir has just the right combination of mass appeal and unique quality to produce a wonderful piece of musical escapism without it relying too heavily on clichés. Sure, sometimes the natural imagery of the

Fans of MGMT and Jason Mraz will love this, and anybody looking for a summertime anthem can look no further. This is summer in a song.

You can listen to the song here, or watch the video below.



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