Daniel Pearson – ‘Escape Acts’ EP Review

Singer-songwriter. It’s a term that’s covered everyone from Beck to Bob Dylan, James Blunt to Imogen Heap. And as such, it’s had its fair share of disaster stories over the years.

But Daniel Pearson is on a mission to reclaim the term for good musicians, and his two previous albums have helped him to live up to his frequently-applied title of ‘UK’s best new singer-songwriter’. But does latest EP ‘Escape Acts’ continue the trend?

In a word, yes. ‘Escape Acts’ is an exciting voyage through radio-friendly indie-rock that also have wide mainstream appeal. The thunderous beat of 60’s-tinged opener ‘Lost My Way’ signals the start of something special, and the memorable chant-a-long hook of the song is one of the EP’s finest moments. It’s not often you hear a refrain of ‘na na na‘ and don’t cringe, even a little.

But the defining moment of the release is final track ‘I Dug Myself A Hole’. More than a bit reminiscent of Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’, this is the perfect slow-burning rock song to unwind to after a long day. And it also provides the perfect anthem for Pearson to close the album on, because it makes you want to listen to it again immediately.

Maybe sometimes the EP runs the risk of seeming a little too personal, but this is something that comes as standard when you consider that this is an individual and not an ensemble. The real test of a singer-songwriter’s skill is whether other people can associate with and enjoy it. And that is one test Pearson passes with ease.

You can purchase the EP here.


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