Lost In Space – ‘Excuses’ Review

Punchy punk rhythms on a hot overdriven guitar signal the start of something that you know right away is special. This is ‘Excuses’, the latest track from indie-punk outfit Lost In Space. And it’s pretty damn good.

Aside from the crunchy guitars, there is plenty of other good things on offer here. Powerful drums and complimenting bass form a hard-hitting backdrop for an effortlessly cool vocal that hooks you in. It’s a bit like if Arctic Monkeys were a few shades heavier. And this is very enjoyable.

The song is well constructed. The quiet-loud dynamic between the verses and chorus is executed perfectly and the breakdown/solo of the song is magical in its strange combination of instrumentation that is simultaneously lumbering and frantic. It’s something that has to be heard to be believed.

The track perfectly balances heavy guitar crunches and pounding rhythms with enough pop elements to have mainstream appeal, and this is the track’s biggest selling point. Whether you tend to shun any guitars that crunch or you’d rather help a cow give birth than listen to anything that isn’t distorted, there is merit to be found in this track. There is something for everyone to enjoy here.

You can listen to, and purchase, ‘Excuses’ here.


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