If You Like…: An A-Z of Unsigned Alternatives

Have you ever wanted to find something new that isn’t too far detached from what you enjoy? Have you ever wanted to just be that little bit more hipster than your friends?

Well we’ve made it easy for you. Here is an A-Z list of popular artists and, next to them, a nice unsigned alternative to the artist. It’s a quick and easy way of adding new colours to your music palette.


If You Like… …Then Try:
A Adele Izzy Bizu
B Bipolar Sunshine Benin City
C The Cribs The Phantoms
D Damon Albarn Tambourisco
E Ed Sheeran Gibson Bull
F Foo Fighters Dive Exit
G Goldfrapp Scarlett Arcade
H Howler Broken Hands
I Imagine Dragons The Sunset Strip Club
J Julian Casablancas The Shy Lips
K Kaiser Chiefs Missing Andy
L Lily Allen Fickle Friends
M My Bloody Valentine 93MillionMilesFromTheSun
N Never Shout Never Ben Owen
O Oasis The Assist
P Prince Sebastian Blake
Q Queens Of The Stone Age Fang Club
R Rae Morris Only Girl
S Simon And Garfunkel Jay Rodger
T TOY Cave Painting
U U2 The Darlingtons
V Van Morrison Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
W The Walkmen The Inkhearts
X XTC The Bots
Y Yuck Hooton Tennis Club
Z Zebrahead Twice My Size



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