Twice My Size – ‘We’re Not Dead’ EP Review

Pop-punk. It gets a bit of a bad rep. Not least from me, because I find that it’s like marmite as a musical genre. It can either be brilliantly unique or it can be horrifically generic. There is almost never a middle ground between the two – tracks go one way or the other. And this makes it very difficult to review. With that said, I bring you a review of pop-punk band Twice My Size’s debut EP ‘We’re Not Dead’.

I would dearly love to say that Twice My Size dodge the pitfalls and stereotypes of pop-punk, but I can’t do that. On first listen, I find that the band repeatedly fall into the camp of generic pop-punk – their carefree and youthful lyrics and gently distorted guitars the hallmark of the genre. It’s another Sunset On Suburbia.

But to write off the band for this would be foolish. That would be like writing off Edgar Degas or Eliseu Visconti for just being a part of the impressionist movement. Because pop-punk is an art form – and it takes skill and talent to craft it as well as Twice My Size.

The guitars are perfectly crunchy, encapsulating the early pop-punk sound of the likes of All Time Low and Kids In Glass Houses perfectly. Combine this with the slightly rough-around-the-edges vocals and lyrics that are 50% loved-up, 50% sex-starved and 100% youthful, and you’ve got some pop-punk that will be of easy appeal and value to fans of the genre.

Sure, it all feels like the band is playing it a bit safe. But why wouldn’t they? This is their debut – they want to appeal as widely as possible. But it still feels throwaway slightly, and this is the biggest downfall of the release. You get the feeling that there needs to be one moment on the EP that sets the band apart – something different that catches your attention. But this moment never comes. And, while you may find it enjoyable, you’re left feeling like you’re missing something.

The EP is available on Spotify now.


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