Fé – She Came Review

are something special indeed, and latest track ‘She Came’ is a fine example of their ability. A charming pop-rock track that engulfs the listener in a sense of euphoria, ‘She Came’ is a wonderfully atmospheric track that I urge you all to listen to.

With a lead guitar that heavily borrows from classic rock riffs hanging in the back of instrumentation that is straight out of the pop-rock genre, the song is a love song with lyrics that are not short of wry humour or borderline social commentary.

The most interesting thing about this track is, by far, the guitar. The guitar section is a riff that is repeated in the background of the song, becoming a staple of the track and providing an energetic hook with it’s classic rock roots. But the tone of the guitar juxtaposes this; offering an atmospheric feeling that encapsulates you and prevents you from exerting the energy that the riff seems to also inspire you to do. Yet, strangely, this works to perfection and creates the ideal mood for the track.

A special note should be made about the wonderful vocals of the track. Both the vocal delivery and melody work exceedingly well with the rest of the song, and help to push the track forward in a way that the instrumentation could never achieve.

This track is very much a complete package. Every part of this song is perfectly constructed and fits together to give an undeniable sense of completion and, to be absolutely honest, brilliance.


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