Oliver Wilde – Stomach Full Of Cats Review

Image courtesy of Brace Yourself PR.

‘Stomach Full Of Cats’ is the latest single by Oliver Wilde, and believe me: this track lives up to its bizarre title.

From the energetic drums and drawn-out fuzzy note of the introduction, you can tell that this track is going to very different to many things you’ve heard before. And when the track properly kicks in, it doesn’t fail to deliver the peculiarity. With a crazy concoction of instrumentation all going on at once, the spacious vocals glide above and somehow manage to make sense of everything.

In all honesty, I didn’t enter into this track with high hopes. The track’s instrumentation sounds very busy, with it sounding as if a lot of things are all going on at once. But the vocals are truly a highlight: they bring everything together and it seems as if it makes perfect sense. And the instrumentation then begins to perfectly suit the song, making it seem fun. It’s impossible to imagine this song being any other way.

The track is one that perplexes me greatly, but definitely leaves me feeling happy in that confusion. It’s difficult to write a review of this track, because I honestly don’t know why I like it. But it’s one of those tracks that is absolutely, inexplicably wonderful. And how could that be a bad thing?

The single will be released on Howling Owl Records on November 11, in both a digital and a tape format.


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