Fragics – Airports Review

Fragics, or Jay Rodger, is definitely a peculiarity. By uniting the almost incompatible genres of Electronica and Folk, Rodger creates a beautiful piece of music that contains both moments of electrifying energy and transcendental beauty in latest track ‘Airports’.

Beginning with a gentle resonating acoustic guitar riff, this track doesn’t immediately strike you as anything other than another acoustic-folk throwaway track that have become the musical norm as of late. Even when the vocals arrive, sounding like a subtly-haunting Ben Howard, it doesn’t occur to you just how special this track is.

But with time, the track develops unexpectedly. From the soft folk we get a glimpse of the Electronica path that the track will soon follow. Beginning with electronic instrumentation just bubbling beneath the surface, it doesn’t take long before this bursts out and comes to the forefront – creating a slow yet electrifying section that will captivate you.

And that is the magic of this track, and of Rodger. He knows just how, and when, to catch the listener off guard by seamlessly flicking between genres. And it is for this simple reason that this act, and this track, definitely deserve checking out.

You can listen to the track here.


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