Hudson Taylor – Care Review

Image courtesy of Google Images.

In the build up to the release of their third EP, ‘Osea’, on 13 October, Irish Acoustic duo Hudson Taylor have treated us all to a brand new single in the form of ‘Care’.

With a sound that could have easily fit onto the tracklisting of their last EP, ‘Cinematic Lifestyle’, ‘Care’ is a lot more anthemic than some of the duo’s previous works. The track is composed of a simple drum beat and a gentle guitar line, with a strong vocal melody that prompts you to sing along after a couple of listens.

One of the charms of this track is how minimalistic it is: the instrumentation is very much in the background for this track, with the vocal melody being at the forefront. Though there is a lot of room for embellishments, this track features none on the recording. This allows your imagination to soar in the spaces; to begin wondering how the duo will perform this one live.

Coming in at just under three minutes, it’s a very real possibility that this track will slot into live sets as a way of bringing the audience more into the performance. But there is also a possibility that the band will dress it up with additional instrumentation and sections. This track is very much a live track; flexible, both musically and structurally, and as welcome at a festival as it would be in a club.

A great effort by the duo, one that will make a lot of people mark 13 October on their calendars.

You can buy ‘Care’ here.


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