Emma’s Imagination – Pour It Out Review

Emma Gillespie is back in style with the release of ‘Pour It Out’, the lead single of new EP ‘Underway’.

Those of you who are familiar with Emma Gillespie, who goes by the stage name Emma’s Imagination, will know the type of music that she is associated with. And those who read my review of her debut album ‘Stand Still‘ will remember that I summed parts of it up as ‘sugary acoustic-pop’ and that ‘prolonged listening may lead to diabetes’, with the key exception of a song called ‘Soul Of Oceans‘.

Luckily ‘Pour It Out’ is very much in the same vein as ‘Soul Of Oceans’, and not once do we run the risk of diabetes. The guitars are atmospheric and haunting, with a vocal line that whispers something sinister and screams change. The track is both fragile and powerful, beautiful yet chilling. And it flicks between these things so fluidly that it is very difficult to not get hooked.

While the majority of the track is fantastic, it isn’t without its faults. One minor fault is that, at roughly 1:38, there is a knocking noise in the background that momentarily detracts from the whole experience. It’s sad that something so small was overlooked and managed to slip into the final recording, as it does prove detrimental to the track.

My only other critique of this track is the bridge of the track, which strongly resembles her previous work. I would go as far as saying that the section was a homage to her previous works, from the sound to the vocal delivery and even the lyrics (a repetition of the ‘b’ sound, which provides the hook in first album track ‘Focus’). While that isn’t a bad thing it certainly doesn’t fit a track such as this, where it’s strongest selling point is how distinct it is from her past works.

This is a big step away from what we expected from Ms Gillespie, yet one that isn’t so far away as to completely alienate fans of her older material. Overall, this is a fine effort and one that will definitely be on repeat here at Fresh Beats.

You can check out the video for the single below, and can purchase the single here.


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