Kastella – ‘Otherside’ Track Review

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
Kastella are an indie band based in Birmingham and their sound is one that is familiar yet strangely refreshing, as ‘Otherside’ demonstrates well.

You could be forgiven for dismissing the band as “just another indie band” from the moment the chiming guitars kick in on the track. But as you listen to the track, you notice what makes the band worth checking out. The bass and drums definitely have a funky vibe to them, offering a refreshing edge to the track. The vocals also have a chilled and semi-ska type of delivery which, when added to the cocktail of sounds already present, make for a compelling listen.

The only critique of the track is that the bass is difficult to distinguish in the recording. As the lead guitars are predominately bright and relatively bound to higher notes, there isn’t a much of a bass tone or earthy presence to the track. However, we can forgive the band as it was recorded on a budget. Here’s hoping that it’s something that the band address in the future.

Overall, ‘Otherside’ is an enjoyable listen that should put the band on your radar. And people say guitar music is dead?

You can listen to the track here.


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