Hudson Taylor – ‘Battles’ EP Review

Hudson Taylor are, without a doubt, one of the finest new acts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. And it’s great that their debut EP, ‘Battles’, showcases the level of musical capability and talent possessed by the duo.

The folk-rock instrumentation on the EP is as near to flawless as you could hope to get: although it does start to seem slightly repetitive as the EP draws to a close, the lyrics and vocal delivery force your attention off the instrumentation. With the strong rhythm playing of the duo keeping the tracks nicely together and the powerful vocals soaring above, it’s hard to not enjoy this EP.

The EP’s finest moment comes in the form of the second track, ‘Drop of Smoke’. While the other three tracks aren’t without their charm, ‘Drop Of Smoke’ is an all-round great song. The lyrics tell a tale of dreams and escapism while carrying a strong message of hope, while the upbeat acoustic instrumentation keeps you hooked until the duo are ready to let you go. And boy, do they have a fantastic voyage to take you on first.

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Hudson Taylor, but one thing is for sure: this EP is a step in the right direction for the duo to ‘rule the world one day’.




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