Rryrry – ‘Alexander Lemming And Other Songs’ EP Review

Alexander Lemming And Other Songs

Rryrry, the stage name of multi-instrumentalist Harry Perry, is an alternative act from London. Now I say alternative because, as shown very clearly in his upcoming EP ‘Alexander Lemming And Other Songs’, his style jumps around a fair bit. Though there is a bit of common ground between the tracks, they are very different and all unique in their own way.

The EP starts with the main title track ‘Alexander Lemming’, a rough experimental electro-rock track that doesn’t really highlight the strengths of Rryrry’s ability. It begins as if it’s building to a club kind of track, but soon kicks in with a piano and vocals that are typically delivered in the form of a murmur. The song peaks roughly two minutes in, where Perry loses it and delivers the vocals dominating conviction and power. However, overall the track doesn’t leave us with the highest hopes for the EP.

However, Rryrry saves it on the following track, the experimental acoustic ballad ‘Fives’. The track does sadly begin rather messily, with a seeming instrumentation battle between drums and guitar. However, the vocals keep the track together well. The raw-tinged tender vocals, accompanied by a fantastic instrumentation and relaxing guitars, are expertly delivered and make the track a definite stand out.

Third track, ‘I May Call It Strålande’, is definitely one to be avoided. A highly experimental track, it is one that completely detracts from the enjoyment of the EP and – in my opinion – should not have been included. However, it does a pave the way for closing track ‘The Violence Within Us’ to shine. The dance-rock elements of the track hook you and keep you listening intently until the end of the EP, providing a beautiful compensation for the previous track.

Overall, the EP is definitely a journey of musical experimentation. I’m still, if I’m honest, not entirely sure if I enjoyed the release or not! ‘Fives’ and ‘The Violence Within Us’ are most definitely worth having a look into. As for the rest of EP? I’d recommend that you listen and draw your own conclusions.


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