Gentleman’s Dub Club – ‘Feels Like’ Single Review

Gentleman’s Dub Club have released a brand new single to celebrate the end of their recent tour. And it is definitely worth checking out.

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

From the first haunting guitar notes to the final drum beat, ‘Feels Like’ is a consistently good track with a larger-than-life sound. From the moment the vocals come in, the track becomes an energetic celebration that will make you want to dance. It is impossible to remain static when the song properly kicks in.

One of the track’s biggest strengths comes from its chorus. Although there are parts of the song where the vocals fall a bit short, the instrumentation diverts attention away from this and the chorus is always just around the corner.
The lyrics of the chorus inspire you to sing along, while the instrumentation makes it impossible for you not to move to the music. And as soon as you hear it, you can imagine how much a spectacular moment it would be in a live scenario.

And this is what makes the song stand out: it makes you want to go out and see the band live. Upon hearing it, I immediately wanted to go out and purchase tickets to see the band live. It’s a sad thing that they had to release this as a celebration for the end of the tour, for now we have to wait until the next one begins.

The song is a great way to introduce yourself to band and fans of the band, dub, ska and reggae will find the track very appealing. It’s definitely one to listen to.

You can buy the track here.


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