Club Smith – ‘Appetite For Chivalry’ Album Review

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Appetite For Chivalry‘ is the debut album by Leeds-based indie outfit Club Smith. And if you’re a fan of indie-alternative then this is right up your alley.

If you’re a fan of Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party or Arctic Monkeys, then you’ll find Club Smith as a refreshing take on those musicians. With skilled musicianship, powerful vocals and a knack for creating anthemic tracks, the band are set for big things and this album shows them doing what they do best: indie-alternative anthems.

As albums go, it’s fairly straightforward. It’s ten tracks of indie gold, each offering something subtly different. From the reverb-rich guitars of ‘Mantra‘ to the distortion-drenched ‘In Arrears‘ and the drum-driven ‘Young Defeatists‘, there is something here for every indie fan. And it also shows the musical capability of the band, as they are equally strong in all sounds.

As you listen to the album, you feel like you’re in a swirling whirlpool of fresh indie goodness. The sound of Club Smith washes over you and cleanses your mind; for 35 minutes, you find yourself adrift in the band’s sonic ocean while the generally chiming guitars and steady bass float you back to where you came. And when the album ends with the final chant of ‘Young Defeatists’, you find that time has passed and you’ve been on a spectacular journey: one you’re eager to dive right back into.

It’s a great album. It’s as simple as that. Club Smith thoroughly deserve to be the next big thing, and this album is a great place to start. Buy it. Buy it now.



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