The Whiskey Syndicate – ‘Stick Or Twisted’ EP Review

Back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll with face-melting guitar solos: The Whiskey Syndicate‘s 2011 EP is a powerful tour de force.

Image courtesy of In At The Eye Records.

From the moment the record begins, you are subjected to the muscular instrumentation and in-your-face attitude that the band specialise in. And unlike many bands that approach music in this manner, they remain consistent: the feeling of pure excitement doesn’t falter for a second.

The main reason for that maintained feeling of excitement is the band’s musical ability and compatibility. The driving drums of Stu Adams, combined with the subtly intricate bass lines of Richard Corry, perfectly compliment the searing guitar of Mike Davies and the raw yet powerful vocals of Ant Wright. And all of the members are pulling in the same musical direction, which makes every song sound complete.

Possibly the finest track on the EP is the final track, ‘Meaning of Life‘. From the moment the opening notes reverberate out, you know you’re about to listen to something special. And it doesn’t disappoint. The track takes you on an adventure across a wonderful audio landscape which culminates in a frantic, face-melting guitar solo. And as the solo eases you gently to the end of the track, you feel like you really have been on a journey for the duration.

The EP is powerful and is a fantastic introduction to a fantastic band. Fans of classic rock will find this EP a must-listen, while anybody interested in rock or guitar-driven music will find the record worth listening to.

You can buy the EP here.


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