The Whiskey Syndicate – ‘Nothing To Hide’ Single Review

Rock ‘n’ rollers The Whiskey Syndicate have today released the latest single ‘Nothing To Hide’.

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

The track is the latest single from their debut album ‘Right Side of Crazy‘ and features everything we’ve come to expect from The Whiskey Syndicate. With wailing guitars, driving drums, building instrumentation and a scorching guitar solo, the track is by far one of the finest that the band have produced to date.

The track opens with some excellent guitar work. The seemingly acoustic rhythm guitars are the perfect counterpart to the atmospheric guitar work of Mike Davies, with the ever-constant bass and drums section helping to drive the song forward. And as the track progresses, it builds up to a chorus that explodes with uncontrollable energy and a guitar solo with knock you back with its power and urgency.

Another notable thing about this track is that it is almost six minutes in duration. Yet despite this, it runs natural from start to finish. Every note and syllable sounds necessary and, unlike some other tracks, it doesn’t sound like it is dragging on. In fact, you hardly notice that the time has gone at all.

The track is well worth a listen for all those into traditional rock ‘n’ roll, and fans of the band will already be familiar with the track and should indefinitely purchase it. It’s a powerful addition to the band’s arsenal and is one that will be a fan favourite for years to come.

You can buy the single here.


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