Introducing…Club Smith

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

There is something familiar yet unique about Club Smith. The band produce a fantastic blend of Indie and Alternative-Rock in a format that very few other bands are even attempting to try right now. The band’s sound is something of a blend between Franz Ferdinand, Queens Of The Stone Age with elements of The Temper Trap and Bloc Party. In short, it’s simultaneously harmoniously peaceful and explosively energetic.

The above is enough reason for the band to stand out, but there’s more to them than that. The band are an explosive live act, well-known for creating a powerful wall of guitar sound and then adding subtle harmonies with other instruments such as theramins and synthesisers. This approach to live music makes for a live sound that sounds larger than life and destined for larger venues and even festivals.

The band also released an album, entitled ‘Appetite For Chivalry‘, earlier this year. The album is a very impressive one that shows what the band is capable of and puts them in a good place for the future.

There is little more to say about Club Smith. In every possible aspect, the band tend to go above-and-beyond the standards of many of their colleagues. Listen to them and fall in love with a band on the rise.

You can listen to the hard-hitting, Franz Ferdinand/Queens Of The Stone Age influenced ‘No Friend Of Mine’ here.

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