The Whiskey Syndicate – ‘Right Side Of Crazy’ Album Review

Image courtesy of the In At The Eye official website.

Those familiar with The Whiskey Syndicate will find debut album ‘Right Side of Crazy‘ to be everything they’ve come to love about the band, while those new to the band will be instantly hooked on the band’s classic rock sound.

From the moment the album kicks in with ‘Livin’ Fast‘, the band waste no time in showing why they’re proving to be one of the biggest acts signed to In At The Eye Records: the lyrics are vintage rock and roll, the vocals are raw and the instrumentation is powerful. In many ways, it bears similarity to the more rock-oriented early material of Oasis – just with a lot more rock ‘n’ roll attitude thrown in there.

And the album generally continues in a similar fashion, with trace elements of rock ‘n’ roll attitude and swagger in every track. From the bass-driven Funk-Rock of ‘Rock ‘N’ Roller‘ to the lumbering rock dinosaur that is ‘Break The Chains‘ to the vintage rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Rise For Me‘, this album takes the band’s trademark sound but adds a distinctly unique element to each track to avoid the album getting mundane.

The Whiskey Syndicate are definitely one of the most exciting new bands I’ve listened to in a long time, and this album showcases their sound and talent wonderfully. If you’re into your Classic Rock or even Rock in general, buy this album: it’s one purchase you will not regret.



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