Listen// The melancholy of Her’s

Indie outfit explores a darker avenue on latest single.


So far, Her’s has done a good job of positioniong themselves as a fun, eccentric voice in the indie circuit. Each song has been propelled by upbeat rhythms or a colourful story that, along with a unique vocal style, was unlike anything else in the scene. And then came Under Wraps, a song of melancholy and tenderness that stands at odds with the band’s catalogue of songs.

Under Wraps has the same slinky bass section that the band likes to use, but couples it with sleepy drums, ethereal guitars and a crooning vocal, all of which gives a lounge feel to the single. While it sits at strange odds with previous offerings though, it works well as the last single to drop ahead of the outfit’s debut album. With this, it shows the band still has a few surprises up its sleeve and some new sounds that we’ve not heard from them yet.

Despite the striking distinction, the melancholy suits the band well and throws back the veil of wackiness to showcase the vulnerable humanity underneath. It’s a sound it’d be interesting for the band to explore further in the future, albeit not too often.

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