Listen// A peculiar case of middle class homelessness

Childcare’s latest single highlights the universal threat of homelessness.


Homelessness is a sad sign of the times, with many places in the western world still recovering from the economic downturn that brought havoc a decade ago. So widespread is this homeless problem that Childcare penned latest single Magazines after witnessing a middle-class white woman selling magazines in London.

Despite these origins, the song isn’t especially politically motivated or even socially explicit; the track recounts the thought process of Childcare during the chance encounter, and lyrically little else. Musically, however, it’s a strikingly powerful offering from the quartet.

Opening with a backing vocal melody that makes it immediately stand out, the track evolves over its run time. This evolution takes it from a subdued indie-pop offering to a blistering noise-rock inspired blast of energy, before ultimately collapsing into a sombre acoustic ending. It’s not what you expect going into it, but it feels like a natural progression.

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