Listen// A beautiful use of space

Boy Bjorn’s latest single is an expansive alt single that feels like an induction to a cult.


There are few words to describe Boy Bjorn‘s latest single, Alone At The Severance.

Sitting somewhere between a spiritual induction to a cult and an artistic alt-rock epic, Boy Bjorn’s sound is not your typical track. It’s unique in that it doesn’t fit too comfortably into any particular sound or subgenre; it simply exists and escalates in a cavernous space it carves out for itself. That said, it doesn’t alienate listeners and it’s easy to see how it could grow into a mid-to-late set staple in the future.

Against this soundscape, Boy Bjorn tackles philosophical themes. As he explains it:

“Alone at the Severance was born from conversations about society and existentialism. The mid-20s pursuit of truth. All the long, inebriated talks I’ve had with friends that get compressed to a silent agreement that ‘we’re believing a lie, but it’s alright’. I think sometimes we’re all just trying to find our own way of saying that. But I wanted to set that thought against a light, ethereal backdrop to shed some of its weight. The more important part of this story is that it’s alright.”

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