Listen// DENM makes Elohim a tropical summer star

DENM remixes a subdued Elohim song into a tropical hit.


When Elohim dropped her self-titled album earlier this year, one of the noteworthy inclusions to the tracklisting was the song Panic Attacks with Yoshi Flowers. The track marked a noticeable departure from Elohim’s normal energetic, club-oriented electronic structure. It was slow, acoustic and free of the pitch-shifting flourishes that Elohim has made a staple of her sound.

None of these comments were criticisms: deviating from the standard is what makes artists stay fresh and interesting. But just in case anybody felt shortchanged by this, DENM has dropped a remix of the song that transforms it from introspective, emotional moment to an accelerated waltz of tropical-tinted electronic sounds.

DENM modulates some of the vocal work to create a pitch-shifted hook that Elohim herself would proudly have created, and in many ways feel like a preliminary album cut before Elohim chose to shake things up. If you want to hear Panic Attacks delivered in a traditional Elohim style, look no further than this.

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