Listen// Laura Jean Anderson deserves your time

LA songstress’ second single is a powerhouse of potential.


Laura Jean Anderson is not an artist that cares for the “awkward second single” phase of a new artist’s career. Bypassing the awkwardness and rushing right in with a confident strut of musicianship, the latest single Love You Most is a lush ballad.

Putting Laura Jean’s powerhouse vocal at the forefront alongside sweeping melodies and a textured instrumental, the single is the second offering from Laura Jean Anderson and a confident new glimpse of her songwriting depth.

Laura Jean explains that the track is “about someone I loved who was with someone else. I wrote it when traveling, as my mind began spiraling down a rabbit hole of all the irrational things I would do to win them over. Though the song feels light hearted, as if happily in love, it is actually a reflection of deep heartbreak and denial.

“In life, I often feel like I can’t spit out the words I want to say, but in song, I can do and say anything that I want, spilling out my darkest desires.”

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