Video// Smooth listening for late summer evenings

The Kite String tangle’s latest single is blissfully electronic and packs a heartwarming video.


Not all sounds of summer have to be the big, pumping, energetic hits that many pop artists seem hellbent on achieving. In some cases, catching a feeling of pure feelgood bliss is all you need from a song. That’s what we get with The Kite String Tangle‘s latest single Give It Time ft. Aalias.

Opening with a dreamy harp segment and building to an electronic pop track with calming melodies and smooth vocals, the song is a three-minute oasis of relaxation with a solid electronic beat underneath. The only way it’s topped is by accompanying it with its music video, which shows two old people bonding through a blurring of Tai Chi and dance. It’s a heartwarming narrative that will bring a calming smile to even the most stressed, cynical face.

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