Listen// Fall in love with Her’s

Outfit’s cover of Minnie Riperton’s Loving You is worth a listen – if you survive the first minute.

It’s a bold move for an act to disguise a solid cover version of a song behind an intro that feels as if they’ve sucked the life out of the original. Yet that is what Her’s has done on its cover of Minnie Riperton‘s classic Loving You.

The first minute of the track sounds as if somebody has remixed the original with a male vocal in a cement mixer. The instrumentation has a charming indie warble, but the drawn out vocals and husky tone feel like the song has been slowed down rather than reworked.

Survive the first minute and a half, however, and the track explodes into a vibrant indie-funk rendition with a spark of energy and reverance for the original. From there it expands into a sprawling, indie-throwback soundscape that truly makes the song the band’s own. From that point, it’s an excellent cover; it’s unfortunate the slow play at the start is so lengthy that some may get dissuaded from hearing the glory that follows.

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