Video// Inara George is letting go of grief

Latest video offers a visual metaphor for coping with grief and loss.

Sorrow, particularly when stemming from the loss of a loved one, can be overwhelming. It’s a feeling that you’d struggle to do justice unless you were directly impacted by it. As Inara George shows, this doesn’t necessarily mean suffering it first hand.

With the music video for her latest single Release Me, Inara George turns to a visual metaphor for struggling with grief. Musically, it’s spot on – it features expressive vocals and a consoling rhythm, with George poignantly recounting her mother’s plea for closure after the passing of Inara’s father and exploring heartache’s unique transformative potential.

There is an element of music video cliché thrown into the mix, as the video itself is entirely greyscale. But moving beyond that, it’s a strong metaphor for grief as George pelts out her emotional number to the great unfeeling mass that is the ocean.

The oceanic angle might seem like a potentially unusual choice to express grief, but George has her reasons. “I wanted to make a video for this song that captured the feeling one can have when grief feels completely insurmountable and life pushes you around,” says George. “Serenading the ocean felt like a good way to capture that feeling”.

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