Listen// Maddee gets weightless

New single is a chilled out blast of ethereal electrojazz.

Electrojazz isn’t really the most common genre in modern music, which makes it a lot more welcoming to hear on the new single from Maddee. Swapping out the overt pop tones adopted by most electronic-propelled artists, new single Weight sees the singer bring her broad vocal melodies to an ethereal electronic world.

The luscious synth arrangements bring a weightless etherealism to the song, which provides an unexpected counterbalance to Maddee’s vocalwork. For many artists that embrace the ghostlier side of synths, the vocal lines are tailored to reflect that, either through softer deliveries or adding reverb. Yet Maddee’s tones are harsher than the music, creating an audio conflict that works in the favour of the track by making it feel looser and more chaotic – something really complemented by the cascading chorus.

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