Listen// A late-Oasis anthem from The Magic Es

New single channels Oasis circa-2005.

If you are among one of the many Oasis fans who didn’t respond to Don’t Believe The Truth with disappointment or hostility, chances are you’ll be a big fan of The Magic Es‘ new single How Do You Sleep?

Fusing punk-edged guitar tones with a post-Britpop feel and a constant acoustic guitar strum in the background, the track feels like it was composed hot off the heels of Oasis’ A Bell Will Ring. Even more impressively, the track manages to accomplish the rare feat of being both an anthem for those that hear it and a part of a narrative that began with the band’s debut single Melody Jane.

“How Do You Sleep is written about the same character as Melody Jane” explains frontman Pete Thompson. “Melody Jane was me trying to write Pictures of Lily – someone infatuated with a person out of their reach and dreaming of what it would be like to be with them. How Do You Sleep is a look closer at that person and realising that it’s all a front; that everyone feels pretty much the same pain, anxiety and woes regardless of how they try to come across.”

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