Listen// A jittering alt-rock journey

New Luna takes a winding journey through indie-alternative.

There’s a beautiful place where dreamy indie guitars meet blisteringly intense alt-rock distortion, and that is the place where New Luna‘s latest single Opinionated is set.

Chugging along on a rhythm that feels like a throwback to the early days of The Strokes, the single strikes a fine balance between heaviness and gentleness. Vocals aside, the verses build a sense of melodic tension that pays off in a chorus explosion of overdrive and chaotic drums. It’s like stitching together the two peaks of indie-alternative goodness and letting the subsequent amalgamate writhe and contort as it finds an uncertain equilibrium between them.

Discussing the new release, the band stated that “as per with us, Opinionated’s become more extreme and elaborate each time we’ve played it, starting off as a low-key krautrock tune and now being a full on heavy dream pop jam/social mediation. Ultimately with this release, we wanted to make a simple but direct social statement and be as musically free as possible, letting the noise do the rest.”

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