Listen// Pharrell makes you watch the duck

Pharrell-backed electronic R&B duo drops feelgood single.

Right off the back of his last feature length album and chart-topping collabs with Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams took Alabama duo Watch The Duck under his wing and guided them through their 2015 debut EP. At long last, the duo has returned with a fresh sound and, although he wasn’t involved in it, the Pharrell influence is clear.

Friends Only is a feelgood slice of R&B bliss that rides a strong melodic groove and a solid lyrical flow enriched with praise for friends. In a genre that is often focussed more on romantic love and lust, a track that prompts you to throw your hands up for the friends without who you’d probably never get home after a night out.

It’s inoffensive, radio-ready and downright infectious. It’s a departure from the duo’s previous, electronic-oriented sound, but it’s one that will pay off immensely for the outfit in the near future.

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