Video// Tusks takes on Foals

The queen of vocals strips back Foals’ London Thunder.

London Thunder is definitely among the more melancholy tracks in Foals‘ extensive catalogue, which is probably what attracted Tusks to take it on as the closing number in her debut album.

Tusks is best known for her powerful vocal, which typically carries with it an air of melancholy for good measure. This is further instilled in her signature, echo-laden guitar tones that elongate every note, allowing them to infiltrate every crevice of your soul. So, it’s pretty understandable that London Thunder struck her as the perfect cover.

The track doesn’t disappoint. Tusks strips back the layered melancholy to her typical two-strand sound of guitars and vocals, effectively making the song so intertwined with her sound that you’d be forgiven for not realising it was even a cover. Tusks owns the song and, as it begins to grow into its climax, her vocal prowess truly comes to the fore to assert complete dominance.

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