Listen// TOPH gets neck deep into cosmic rock

The Old Pink House drops a swirling, spacious alt-rock single.

The Old Pink House is an indie-rock outfit that has been making waves for the past little while, though most of this hype has been built in the Newcastle band’s local area. With new single Neck Deep, the band may finally be launching its brand of space-tinged indie-rock on a larger scale.

It’s hard to pinpoint the particular part of the track that seals the deal on its success. Each sound, from the alt-inspired muscular drums to the swirling, ethereal guitar riff, bounces off one another perfectly, creating a song that turns a seemingly gentle tone into something crunchy and hard-hitting.

With confident vocals adding a flair of swagger to the track, it’s hardly a surprise that this is the single that is gathering the band hype outside of its native area. This is a pretty significant achievement, especially when you consider that Neck Deep is one of the first songs the band wrote together.

“Neck Deep was one of the first tracks that was written collaboratively as a band,” explained Christopher Brown, the band’s vocallist. “Previously our process had been a lot more singular, but this song came together really naturally in our dingy little rehearsal room. I don’t usually like to say what songs are specifically about, but at its core, it’s ultimately about how relationships can be swallowed up by secrets.”

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