Video// J F L E’s artful expression

New live video showcases the performance art of J F L E.

There’s definitely no doubt that J F L E is one of the more artistic figures in the emerging music scene. After all, we’ve commended that in the past.

But there’s an element of magic in seeing that artistry play out in front of your eyes, which is exactly what we can do in a new video showing the outfit performing Loser at 310NXRD – the annual pop up event hosted by NX Records.

Over the course of the track, J F L E mesmerises with a hypnotic backing vocal repetition and dreamlike instrumentation that shapes a perfect backdrop for the Horrors-esque deliveries of Joey Edwards’ lyrics. To truly accentuate the performance art elements of it, the song also breaks down into a fierce spoken-word section that temporarily changes the song from artistic shoegaze to beat poetry – without slowing down proceedings.

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