Listen// The dark side of electropop

Delacey’s new single is brilliant electropop darkness.

Where do you go once you’ve written a song for chart mainstay The Chainsmokers? If you’re Delacey, the natural progression is to try your hand alone in the electropop circuit. And with new single Nothing Lasts Forever, nobody will argue that it wasn’t a good decision.

The song is a brooding serving of electropop with gloomy overtones and a miserablist vibe that is as addictive as Delacey’s vocals. It’s far too often that electropop songs will have some kind of celebratory or triumphant feel to them – even if a track is born of bad feelings and breakups, the sentiment is usually one of “better off now”. Delacey abandons that and instead turns it into a self-blaming, defeatist feel.

For any other artist, this would effectively be pop suicide. But the strength of the hypnotic synths, rattling beats and soulful vocal means that these dark tones become permissible, with the end result still being an infectious electropop single and a strong debut.

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