Listen// We’re down with SoDown’s new single

Latest single is a blur of electropop and dance.

SoDown is an electronic act that is pretty fond of saxophones. Taken at face value, that statement doesn’t really say much to sell SoDown as an artist – after all, we’ve seen the saxophone prove its worth in mainstream dance tracks over the past couple of years. It’s the way that SoDown uses it that is noteworthy.

Take new single With You for example, which sees the artist team up with fellow electro artist Moontricks and vocalist Carly Lynn. The track is an uplifting explosion of colourful horns and synths topped off by Lynn’s stunning and smooth vocals, but it’s the structure that really makes it stand out.

The song opens slowlt enough but quickly buildings into a typical club-bound dance track. Yet it’s the return of this slower, gentler approach later on that makes the track distinct as it leaves listeners finding comfort in the embrace of gentle guitar strums. It’s only a subtle thing, but SoDown pulls it off so well that it avoids risking sounding like an identity crisis.

Obviously, there is a reason for the slower pacing, which would be that the song is thematically about finding – and falling for – ‘the one’. So after the build up and the adrenaline rush, the music promotes a slow dance approach that beautifully closes the love story.

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