Listen// DonkeyBoy is the new 1975

Scandinavian outfit drops first international single.

If you love outside of the Nordics, chances are you’ve not come across DonkeyBoy before. Yet the outfit is a big deal in its native Scandinavia, having previously been awarded three Norwegian GRAMMY awards, ten consecutive top five singles and an impressive 200 million streams in the Nordics alone.

Quite impressive numbers, but most people outside of the region have yet to hear of the outfit due to the band’s previous limitations on international distribution. Fortunately, the band has overcome this barrier with new single Kaleidoscope – a track that marks a big step forward for the band in more ways than one.

The song is a dreamy intersection of indie rock and synth-pop that feels reminiscent of The 1975 and CHVRCHES, which is garnished with stirring analog synths and a massive chorus to match. It’s the perfect single to launch the band overseas, and an electropop earworm that crawls into everybody who listens.

Of the new single and international reach, guitarist Cato Sundberg says: “Kaleidoscope is the next chapter in the Donkeyboy sound. We think it will set a wave for our next batch of singles. After all these years, it’s really exciting for us to finally have a record that comes out around the world. We are looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of it.”

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