Download// Bon Iver, reworked

On Planets gives Bon Iver’s Flume an electronic flip.

Remixing, chopping, flipping, or covering Bon Iver is no easy feat. Considered to be one of the most prominent indie bands in modern times, Bon Iver has evolved and redefined alternative music with every album release.

This has meant that Bon Iver has gone on to influence a number of artists, including On Planets, who took towards Bon Iver’s massive artistic influence and boldly chose to cover Flume.

The On Planets cover is spacious and electronic, and in those spaces musical intellectuality flourishes and translates into every succeeding note. While the cover is distinct from the original track, it simultaneously pays respects to the hymnal intentions shaped by Bon Iver. With this cover, 2007 becomes 2017 – embracing challenges and executing them with a romantic, dreamy cadence.

On the track, On Planets stated, “A friend and I once chatted about this song and it made realize how vague and cryptic the lyrics are at face value, while somehow being resonant and evocative at some deeper level. It’s such a beautiful song that it almost transcends meaning; it is open to interpretation, but arguably better without it as just a wash of vowels and consonants.

“This song is one of my favourites to play late at night on the deck or at a campfire. I love the tranquility of the original version, but the way it comes out whenever I try to sing it is always kind of bold and raw. I felt that such an open-ended song deserved another version, so here it is, a little gutsier.”

Download Bon Iver – Flume (On Planets version) here.

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