Listen// Orchestral electropop

New single from Frida Sundemo adds a new dimension to electropop.

You’d think that electropop would be a pretty straightforward, easy to understand kind of genre: it’s pop, but with the majority of its instrumentation and propulsion being driven by synths that tend to have a retro feel or angelic flair. Typically, you wouldn’t expect to find too many orchestral sections in a song.

That’s what makes Frida Sundemo‘s latest single Gold so interesting. The track features glorious dewy production and evocative orchestration, which delivers a stunning soundscape surrounding Frida’s enchanting vocals. It all works perfectly, but it’s utterly unconventional for electropop. Yet it’s still hard to think of the song as fitting as comfortably in any other genre definition.

Frida has said that “Gold is about being brave and embracing the beauty of life. It’s about having the courage to risk something that’s alright for the chances of getting something you really dream about.”

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