Video// Fierce alt-rock angst

Leave The Universe share new music video.

Leave The Universe is a band that has previously been described as a blend of alt-rock, post-punk and electronic music, with even a few mentions of trap thrown in for good measure. However, this was before the LA band enjoyed a nine-month gestation period in the belly of London.

Upon returning, the band seems to have embraced far more of its post-punk side with new single If You Find Me. The single is raw, abrasive and filled with the disconnected passion and intensity that only the punk style could express so powerfully, yet all of this pails in comparison to the intensity of the music video.

The video for was shot, directed and edited by lead singer Cameron Cole. After filming most of the performance shots, Cole locked himself in the room with nothing but the static TV for an entire night and filmed it, capturing feelings of isolation as a result of being trapped in there. The final video portrays a transparent or glitching visual of the band meant to symbolise Cole’s frequent feeling of disconnect from reality and the feeling that so many have of barely hanging on, struggling to not let depression get the best of you every day.

Cole elaborates: “This song is a very personal song about depression and disconnection from the world. I have always felt like I don’t fit in and it’s often been hard for me to connect with a lot of people, like an outsider looking in. This song is about wanting to find that one person that you connect with, that can pull you out of the darkness and make you feel human again.

“For the video, I wanted to portray visually what the driving emotion of the song was in the simplest form. The visual is meant to show a sort of timelapse of the band being trapped in isolation for a long period of time while also showing the performance aspect of the band.”

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