Listen// A dreamy new track from Ledges

New single from indie trio inspires open minds and hearts.

I don’t think there need be any doubt that we are in a time where hatred and enforced world views are posing a clear danger to humanity. With that said, it’s reassuring that musicians are composing music that reflects – and in some cases undermines – this.

That’s what Ledges are doing with new single Snow. The airy slice of dreamy, piano pop is about not forcing your views/beliefs onto other, which is a valuable lesson for almost everyone.

Frontman Andy Hoffman explains “I was in a weird spot emotionally and processing a lot when this song was written, so the words came quickly and easily, which is rare for me.

“It’s about the struggle that comes from forcing the big and broad experience of God, faith, love and relationships into our narrow internal perspective of those things. A reconciliation of sorts. Often times when things don’t fit, we have a choice to make; We can either be open to new ideas and expand our perspective, or we can be closed off and watch our worldview shatter.”

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