Premiere// Iconique – Lovefool cover video

Glamourous synthpop outfit returns with a covered earworm.

The Cardigans’ 90s hit Lovefool is undoubtedly one of the most infectious earworms of all time and, equally, one of the most iconic tracks of the 90s. So, it’s fitting then that synthpop outfit Iconique has given the track a glamorous makeover.

Since so much of the modern electropop scene is focussed on capturing a retro sound, the cover strikes a very unusual balance. The track keeps its classic sounds, but is also fitted with a very modern, romanticised retro sheen that gives the synthwork a shimmering feel that pops in the mix.

Combine this with the video, which sees Iconique deliver its usual standard of glamourous post-disco flair, and you’re onto a winner.

Of course, this hardly needed statement. Discussing the new track, Iconique vocalist Leo Paparella stated, “I wrote Lovefool by myself, without the assistance of anybody else, in a vacuum, removed completely from the influence of all popular music from the past 20 years.

“It’s a very personal song, the type that only I could write, though it was difficult for me to imagine there being any circumstance in which I would have to beg for a man. If it sounds vaguely familiar to the listener, that’s only because it’s doing what great art is supposed to: resonating immediately and making you feel you went your whole life knowing it. Damn, I’m good.”

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