Download// Tropical pop from HVNNIBVL

HVNNIBVL drops v new trvck of pure sun-kissed pop excellence.

Following the growing trend of artists that are too cool for conventional vowels, HVNNIBVL is a new producer that has already made a big splash with his last single Lose. Now, the artist is upping his game with new track On & On, a sun-kissed slice of electronic pop that has “summer hit 2017” written all over it.

It’s your typical summery electronic pop track, with ample amounts of EDM-gravitating instrumentation that have been softened up by pop filters. Bubbling synths meet pleasantly sunny vocals and make love atop tropical beats, making for a song that feels fun and ticks all the boxes that make it a summer-time hit.

Of the new single, HVNNIBVL himself says, “I wanted to make an accessible song, something everyone could enjoy, but something that didn’t completely follow the EDM craze going on in pop music right now. With that in mind, I had the idea to make a pop collab with an EDM producer with less of a ‘drop’ and more emphasis on the song itself.

“I originally made a layout of the song to send to some bigger producers to see if they wanted to recreate parts of it with me remaining the singer and writer. After noticing a busy period for most of the people we reached out to, my manager and I had been listening to it and he said to me ‘yo this could actually make a really great stand alone track’.

“I had it in my mind all this time to gather a production collaboration but failed to realise that I actually had laid out a damn near finished song already. After establishing that we could move forward with it, I added finishing touches to the production and we were ready to move forward.”

You can download the track from HVNNIBVL’s soundcloud page.

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